Babe Didrickson was apart of the 1932 Los angeles Coliseum Olympic Games was not just a really good athlete of the decade but one of the greatest of all-time. She ran track, her events were 80 meter hurdles, Javelin and the high jump. she got two golds and a silver in her events. Babe won 6 of 8 events she competed in. This was a very hard task to achieve especially as this was during the great depression.


Horse Racing
Horse races started to become a big thing in the 1930's because boxing was starting to get less popular and baseball was starting to become perdictable. Although people lost money when they would go to the track people started to think that the game was fixed and that was how they hardly ever won.

baseball effected in the 1930's
Spectator sports because of the great depression were hit bad as did regular people but not as much as people with normal jobs, baseball for example became very big in this time; Babe Ruth's salary was cut in half, and what was once 80,000 dollars end up after three years to be 40,000. Player lost around 25% of there salary but regular workers lost around 50% of there normal.


The effect of sports in 1930'sSports were a big entertainment thing in the 1930's people would go to watch for entertainment and to gambal most of the time but some people got really in the game and just liked watching the sport. It could be said that because of the great depression people wanted to just get away.