Fashion of the 1920's
After world war one, humans evolved to a more educated and higher powered race. New creations were invented, more ideas came to the American mind that would help how we lived. Many things changed after the war, more jobs were given to people, woman were able join the work force, the fashion of both male and females became more elegant and unique.

Woman's fashion in the 20's
The clothing changed with woman's changing roles in the U.S. Many things about woman's fashion changed. Accessories were becoming more and more common and popular. Like hats, hand bags, jewelry, shoes and dresses. These items being put together on women made them look more modern.


Mens Fashion of the 20's
Fashion for guys in the 20's became more of a business look. A lot of there looks were inspired from the heros of the WWI. The most worn outfit by men was the suite. The suite was worn by the rich and the poor, and it is still one of the most common outfits still worn today.catalog.jpg