Fashion in the 1930's


  • The 1930's were during a time of , and aren't often referred to in fashion much, because it was a transition era. But as the 30's crept in, more feminine and flirty pieces took center stage.

  • Daywear Versus Evening Glamour:

    Until the 1930s wealthy women had not really needed to wear practical day clothes. Although styles had been designated day styles if they were impractical it had not really mattered as long as maids took care of chores. Now women had more productive and busier lives and simpler pared down clothes gave a freedom of movement women relished in daily life. More luxurious gowns were kept for evening. New fabrics like metallic lame were very popular at night and were made to shimmer even more richly by adding plastic sequins and glass beads.
  • As you can see the 30's were a hard time, with the money situation and everything else people didn't have any extra money to spend on clothes. They had to improvise and use the same clothes they've had for awhile and just stitch them up instead of going out to buy all new ones.
  • Fur was worn by many and it didn't go out of style for a long time, because people really enjoyed wearing it.
  • So as time goes on, people and their fashion choices change.