1938 Pontiac Sports Coupe

Most 1930's cars had four-wheel hydraulic brakes. Low-pressure balloon tires took the place of hard-riding high-pressure tires. During the 1930's most cars were also equipped with heaters and radios. At this time cars also began to take on a smoother shape, more aerodynamic in design, hence offering less wind resistance.The 1930 Cadillac "V-16" is the industry's first production car to offer sixteen-cylinder engine and immediately sets a new standard for power, performance, and luxury.

Quick Facts
* In the 1930's a gallon of gas cost 10 cents. The 1939'S gas was 10 cents.
* In th 1930's a new car cost $640.00 and by 1939 it cost $700.00 more.
* In 1782 James Watt builds the first engine crank.
*In 1913 more than one million cars were registered in the U.S.
The automobile as we know it started from crude but machines that by degrees underwent transformation due to dedicated work by several people. It is estimated that over 100,000 patents created the modern automobile.

The first recorded use of a self-powered vehicle was in 1769 when Nicolas Cugnot, a French military engineer, designed and built an awkward but workable three-wheeled vehicle powered by a steam engine. The vehicle was intended as a tractor for hauling heavy cannons.