Illistrations were very important in the 20s and 30s. people illistrated living and work conditions, but mostly the images, paintings and other types of art were of the Great Depression and The Crash. Surrealism and Art Deco were the two main Art Movements of the 1920's and 1930's. The term Art Deco (1925-1950) came from the International Art Exposition in Paris in 1925. Art of this style, in the 20s and 30s was referred to as modern.

<-- Pablo Picasso was 1 man artist at the time
Maxfeild Parrish, had a large impact on the styles of the art during the period. He was born in philadelphia, Pennsylvania. started out drawing when he was a child for his own amusement. he went to Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. in 1920 he concentrated on painting instead of illustrating. Androgynous nudes in fantastical settings were a recurring theme. then in 1931 he focused on landscapes. his art featured luminous colors. he achieved his results by means of a technique involving several coats of oil and varnish applied to his paintings.

<-- The "nude" style is one of the most popular styles in early 20's. this one is by Henri Matisse
Allthough paintings and advertisings were 2 huge styles for the art deco, the BIGGEST style, was photography. the main focus was on; The Big Stock Market Crash & The Great Depression. 2_great_depression[1].jpgslide05[1].jpg